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From Where Do You Hail?

Exhibtion at Bryggens Museum, daily 10-16 until the 31 August 2017
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People have always migrated in hopes of making a better life for themselves and their families. This exhibition tells the stories of three migrants in the Middle Ages.

Migration is not a new phenomenon. In the Middle Ages (c. 1050–1536), travelling shorter as well as longer distances was commonplace. Bonds were tight between towns and countryside, trade between Norway and other countries was bustling, and then, as now, people left poor circumstances hoping for a better life in new surroundings.

Smaller towns in particular saw a lot of movement in and out. This created communities with inhabitants of various backgrounds and descents. In the exhibition “From Where Do You Hail?” we take a closer look at these town dwellers. Some of them we meet face to face. From where did they hail? How and why did they come to town? How were they received by their new neighbors, and what conditions did they live under there? What marks did urban life leave on their bodies? And not least; how can we know all of this, hundreds of years after they passed away?

Put on your researcher's goggles, and take a new look at the inhabitants of a medieval city.

“From Where Do You Hail?” is created in cooperation with the University of Bergen, and is based on Stian Suppersberger Hamre's postdoctoral research project “Immigration and mobility in medieval and post-medieval Norway” (www.medieval-immigration.b.uib.no).

The exhibition is funded by The Research Council of Norway.


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