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Forward march!

Exhibition at Bryggens Museum until the 6. of August. Daily 10-16
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Bergen is well known for its archery brigades, but did you also know that there used to be brigades in cities and towns all over Norway?

Life of archery brigades started in the middle of the 1850’s and several of the brigades that still march in Bergen are among the very oldest that existed. Today Bergen is the only place we find archery brigades and many people therefore believe it is a phenomenon unique to this part of the country. The truth is there have been similar boy’s brigades in at least 20 Norwegian towns and cities and the oldest we know of marched in Drammen around 1850. The movement of archery brigades is one of the oldest forms of organized children’s games we know of, and differs from other activities as children organize and run these brigades without interference from adults.

The exhibition is a collaborative between Buekorpsmuseet (Museum of Archery Brigades – www.buekorps.museum.no), which this year has a 40 year anniversary, and Bymuseet i Bergen.

On the following weekends veterans from the brigades will be your hosts in the exhibition:

May 13. and 14. - Skanseguttenes Forening

May 20. and 21. - Nordnæsguttenes Forening

May 27. and 28. - Dræggeguttenes Forening

June 10. and 11. - Sandviksguttenes Forening

July 8. and 9. - Eldre Laksevågsgutters Forening

July 15. and 16. - Eldre Lungegaardsjenters Forening

August 5. and 6. - Forening Fjeldgutten


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