Board of trustees

Bymuseet i Bergen is organized as a foundation. The board consists of eight persons appointed by the museum, Bergen Kommune, Hordaland Fylkeskommune and our employees. There are 6 board meetings per year.

Board members 2019:

 Name  Role  Appointed by
Eivind H. Hermansen Leader Bergen kommune
Sven Skorpholm Co-leader Representantskapet
Lorentz Irgens Board member Representantskapet
Janicke Rønshaug Foss Board member Representantskapet
Harald Queseth Board member Bergen kommune
Arvid Nilssen Board member Hordaland fylkeskommune
Rune Kvam Board member Employees
Gunn Nordal Board member Employees


Leader Eivind H. Hermansen,, telefon: 55 13 00 11 

Co-leader Sven Skorpholm, mobil: 913 13 091