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How to buy tickets

Many events have a limited number of tickets. We therefore recommend to buy tickets in advance. If you have an annual pass you can also get your free ticket here. When your ticket at the event is reserved there is no need to wait in queue for a long time in advance!

If you have a discount card, please remember to bring it with you and show this at the reception upon arrival.

Go in and see full overview of this summer's offers at the City Museum here

Or if you know what you want tickets for, you can go directly in and see the list of all available tickets at the City Museum this summer

  1. Click on the preferred ticket
  2. Find your desired date
  3. Click Buy tickets
  4. Simply proceed to if you get information about the corona situation
  5. Select the desired number of tickets, remember to bring your discount card if you have one.
  6. Click Continue
  7. Proceed to payment, tickets are also available by text message
  8. Click confirm purchase
  9. Enter your credit card number and pay securely through Nets.
  10. Click Pay

I don't have access to a printer:
Please request a ticket by text message or ask for a print at the reception upon arrival.

I didn't receive an email with my tickets:
This is normally due to typos in your email address. It doesn't matter, if your purchase has succeded, you have valid tickets, and you are on our list! Contact the reception upon arrival.

I've lost my ticket:
No worries, we will find your booking at the reception.

I don't know what happened, I just didn't succeed:
Visit us at the reception at the Bryggens Museum or call 99 31 51 95 and we will help you to find a solution.


Buy tickets: See the complete summer programme 2020 here


This is how eBillett works - step by step

When you click on Buy ticket, you will be asked to choose date of event. First you enter a page with general information about infection control measures and why we need your name and telephone number for certain kinds of tickets. Please proceed to purchase page ("Gå videre til kjøpsside"):

corona safety

Then you get to choose number of tickets. There are a variety of tickets to choose from. Any other than Adult and Child requires a discount card, please remember to bring a valid discount card (like "ledsagerbevis": disability attendant card). Please click continue:

pick tickets

Please state which email address you would like to have your tickets sent to. Please check your address for typos. If there is something wrong with your email address you still have a valid ticket, and we will find you on the participant list. Please contact us at the reception and we will find your tickets.

customer details

Some events require a name list due to government regulations during the pandemic. In that case you will be asked to create a profile if this is your first purchase in eBillett. Just choose a password that you would like to have, state name and telephone number and create a profile: 

your customer details

I would like some more tickets: Please click Purchase more and you will return to the events list.

I added some tickets that I would like to remove: Please click on the amount in the bottom and choose wich tickets you would like to remove.

Then Purchase more or Confirm order to proceed:

remove items from cart

When you have the correct amount of tickets, all is set to pay safely with your credit card through Nets. You will need the 16 digit gard number, expiry date and the 3 last digits in the control number most frequently found on the back of your card:

card details

This is of course not under our control, this is a safe connection between you and your bank. In case of problems, please contact your bank, or contact us for alternative ways of completing the purchase.


See the complete summer programme 2020 here

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