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We are building a new medieval archaeological exhibition at Bryggens Museum

Bryggens Museum will be closed for construction of a new medieval archaeological exhibition from 4th September 2018 until 22nd May 2019.

Since the Bryggens Museum opened in 1976, it has told the story of the medieval Bergen. The massive archaeological excavations at the Bryggen in the 50s, 60s and 70s had given the researchers a rich picture of city life, and a museum was built on the excavation site to tell this story. Here both locals and visitors could see the remains of the city's oldest settlement, and experience life in a medieval city through a selection of rich artifacts.


The main exhibition was rebuilt in 1986, but since then it has only had minor updates. It may be easy to think that this does not matter. The museum is after all about the Middle Ages, and can this really have changed since the 80's? The answer is yes. What we know about the Middle Ages has clearly changed. Since last update, 9 doctoral theses and over 25 master or main assignments have been written, which are based solely on the Bryggen material alone, in addition to a number of articles and other publications.

The national and international fields of study have also gone as a whole, and new archaeological and historical research allows us to understand this period in new ways. It's not only what we know about the medieval bridge that has changed, but what we know about the whole world surrounding this community. Exhibition work was done in 1976 and 1986, but after more than 30 years of service it is time for something new.

During a period of nine months, all of the museum's exhibition areas will be refurbished or rebuilt and a new permanent medieval archaeological exhibition will be made. Amounts of items that have not been exhibited before appear from the magazines, and will give a glimpse of life and everyday life in a time and society that is long history. About the lives of the people who lived here. What clothes they went in, what kind of tools they used, what they ate and what they lived in; What they died of and what they lived for.

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