Alvøen Manor

A walk through Alvøen Manor is like a walk through three centuries of Bergen upperclass living.

House, interior and gardens all perform an exhibition open to the public during summer season. The main building got its current outside form in 1835, the interior has been through changes, the latest one around 1930.

Some might prefer the "green room", with late-empire furniture, noble wallpaper with hunting motifs from 1830s, produced by Schiøtt in Bergen. Others will enjoy the porcelain chamber; a traditional architectural construction containing Norways largest unified collection of east-indian porcelain, a wedding gift in 1760.

The library can tell us what the upperclass of Bergen read during the enlightment era. Behind the library you'll find the great room, which among other things, include the huge baroque cabinet from around 1700. Once used for linen, now holding a collection of curiosities, objects that belonged to the Fasmer family.

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