To the north of Trollbotten you shall rescue my daughter from magic spell

Ragna Breivik’s image series of tapestries "Åsmund Frægdagjeva"

The image series of tapestries "Åsmund Frægdagjeva" by weaver Ragna Breivik (1891-1965) is among the jewels of Hordamuseet’s collection. Ragna Breivik worked with the magnificent carpet series for 25 years, from 1924 and until 1949.

The ten tapestries have a total length of 28 meters. The tapestries are woven after watercolor works by Gerhard Munthe (1849-1929), and illustrate the middle age folksong about the hero Åsmund Frægdagjeva, who went to Trollebotn to bring back the spellbound princess. The series of tapestries has been exhibited permanently at Hordamuseet since 1977.