Old Bergen Museum

Old Bergen Museum is an open-air museum with buildings from around 1720 till 1900. This little town tells the story of its former inhabitants' lives, their hardships and their celebrations.

The buildings are built using log-technique, covered with horizontal panelling, steep roofs, often with a curved ending and high, pointy gables. They present Bergen building traditions from beginning of 1700s till mid-1800s. The romantically styled park demonstrates the 1700s awareness of the relation between sense and sensibility.

Visit the bakers home and bakery from around 1840, and the summerplace for the nobel from the 1700s. The tiny Sailor's home from mid-1700 represents a common housetype and the simple life that most people experienced. There is a collection of toys from the 1700s till today, a hairdresser's salon, bookbinder, printermaker and photographer's workshops. The dentist is open for visits, as well as the doctor, barber and watchmaker.

Normally during summerseason, our actors use roleplay to tell various stories anno 1826, 1886 and 1926.

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